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Spending hours in the library reading books on her because I was intrigued by her determination, drive & talent, not because I had a book report due anytime soon. As a gymnast for nearly half my life, it was influencers such as the Mary Lou Retton, the first ever American woman to win the all-around gold medal at the Olympics [and was the only one to do so for twenty years] that kept me pushing through the mental & physical challenges of gymnastics. Thanksgiving of ‘99, I was hit by a drunk driver causing my future as a state gymnast to come to a screeching halt. After surgery & nine weeks of pain, anger & physical therapy, I found myself still drowning in my passion for learning about those humans who have left a positive mark on this water & land covered planet. I fell in love with Albert Einstein, Buddha and Picasso. I became intrigued with the life & styles of Princess Diana, Rosa Parks and my great-grandma. I spent endless hours reading about the upbringing of England’s Princess and the one, the only, the brave, Rosa Parks. At that time, I had the honor of sitting next to my great grandma as she relived growing up alongside Al Capone and her proud memories of making guns for World War II. The common denominator between all of my influencers were that they were each determined to make a difference in this world. They were determined to show another that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. They wanted change therefore, they BECAME THE CHANGE!
Thank you @sdvoyagermag for believing in me & allowing my voice to be heard. I’m beyond grateful for such a rewarding opportunity INTERVIEW LINK :: :: My purpose is to show anyone & everyone that anything is possible. Whatever it is that you want in this world, you CAN have it! Today, my influencers are all of you…. the health junkies & Ironman freaks, the businessman & woman, the local artists & musicians, the ‘stay-at-home” parents, military members & their families, the bookworms & the pop stars, the panhandlers & gold diggers, the gay, straight and bi-sexual beings…I, thank YOU, my friends x #sandiego #pacificbeachlocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by lollipopdippedingunpowder

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Location: San Diego, California